March 7 2017

All the sparkle ponies!

It took a bit of doing but I finally finished collecting all the sparkleponies in FFXIV. With a few more active members we can do the runs with the FC, so we don’t really have to rely on the party finder

Of course, I did still do a few runs with randoms – resulting in one group led by a stereotypical lvl 54 dragoon. Facetanked the floor and RNGesus handed her the first pony to drop, too After a few more 5 minute runs (what do you expect, with 4 people carrying one deadweight? The healer couldn’t dps because the positioning was all over the place) the group just slowly disintegrated.

Between that and other goals, such as finishing my SCH Anima weapon, I haven’t touched SSE in forever. So I’ve decided to unlink those posts from the menu for now – I’m not sure if they’ll ever come back, but we’ll see. I’m sure I’ll end up playing it again at some point.

Anyways, see here in all their glory – my sparkleponies!

I absolutely love the sound the Kirin makes when flying – it just sounds sparkly!

I also changed Jenn’s face some since I felt she looked too young. She’s still the same SCH/SMN/struggling GLA, but now she just lookes slightly older. Like me! Appropriate for a self-character, right?