Emerald Nightmare

True to it’s name, the Emerald Nightmare proved to be somewhat of a nightmare. Our rather casual guild drummed up 25 man for out first ‘unofficial’ raid night. Originally, our raidleader felt he wouldn’t be quite high enough item level to start raiding this week. As he probably wouldn’t be the only one, raids weren’t scheduled to start until the 29th. A few of us were so excited to start raiding that I decided to just put up an event and gauge interest. Needless to say, it surpassed expectations! While the 25 man clusterfuck was loads of fun, we certainly overcomplicated some things. Like tactics. And in other fights, like our ‘let’s see what happens before it’s bed time’ pull of Il’gynoth, we didn’t have quite enough tactics.

We had a few wipes on Nythrenda, which was quite a downer as she’s the first boss and the wipes just felt so very optional. If more people had just watched a guide, it could’ve been so much easier. People were stacked quite closely together, so whenever they got targeted by rot, the pulsing damage would hit half the raid before they could reposition themselves. For Elerethe it was quite rough as well – in the end we got her down after losing a tank & the raid leader calling for a wipe before changing his mind. Sadly this means that a few people had already jumped off the platform. As for Ursoc, one of the healers decided he’d figure out when to use which cooldown, as we had two Tranquilities going off at one point. Sadly, he decided that the charges rather than roars were the issue, even though we were already close to the enrage timer. I think we beat him with ~1 minute left on the clock.

The bright side of the whole healer calling out big cds would be that as Discipline, I don’t have access to something like Divine Hymn. Light’s Wrath and Mindbender are quite strong, but as they both require atonement they’re not your usual ‘pop this button, raid is saved’ kind of cooldown.

All in all, I didn’t feel like I did a stellar job healing – my hps was quite low and I was oom very quickly. It was hard to keep incoming damage predictable with that many people in a raid, even on fights where it should be easy – like Ursoc. That said, on all our kills I fought until the end, even if it meant simply keeping atonement on our tanks and using whatever dps skills I had mana for. Perhaps, in a raid that size, picking up Contrition instead of Twists of Fate would help. The extra 2 seconds on atonement sound so underwhelming, especially since both Power Infusion and Twists of Fate are hps increase. But if I have 2 seconds extra to keep people atoned & use Light’s Wrath/Mindbender, that might also be a hps increase? I don’t know – it’s certainly worth trying I feel.

My dps also didn’t feel that high – averaging 70k dps over the entire night. But considering that in most fights, I still did ~2% of the damage dealt, I feel that that’s quite good.

Currently, it looks like Tuesday will be less busy, with 10 members signed up for that raid night. Perhaps I’ll perform better with a smaller group. Mana management should certainly be easier, as I won’t have to spam Power Word: Radiance 5 times and hope I hit most people.


Our killshot of Nythrenda.


Our killshot of Elerethe. Sadly, her corpse despawned before we were ready to take the screenshot.

There’s also a cat standing in front of me, so you can’t actually see me in the shot.


Our killshot of Ursoc. Probably our neatest line yet!